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About Us.
What makes us different
We give you a better option to help you save money while trying to send moneyaccross to your loved ones within your country and to other African countries.
We help millions of Africans make transactions Seamlessly between banks, digital wallets, mobile money accounts and exchanges.
Our team at WAYA believe that sending money across channels in Africa should be:
Easy and Convenient
We are actively working on breaking the existing barriers to sending money easily, locally and across Africa, so that businesses wouldn't be restricted to cross-channel financial constraints anymore.
Cheap or Free
Sending money shouldn't cost you more money. We are here to make sending money within your country free and across your country, at the cheapest rates ever.
Fast and reliable
We have built Waya system to enable you to send money and pay for goods in less than 5 minutes with no point of failure.
Countries we cover
Join the Waya Family
Make quick payments (money transfers) at extremely low rates across Africa. We're currently in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. We'll be expanding to new African countries soon.
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